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Prix du meilleur poster au congrès Eurofillers Polymerblends (Palerme, 23-26 avril 2019)

- Silica nanoparticles to improve erosion and ice resistance of composites - Poster (PDF)
The European funded collaborative project EIROS aims at developing self-renewing, self healing, erosion resistant and ice-repellant composite materials for use in extreme environments (high erosion and very low temperatures).

The chosen strategy is to design multi-functionalized nanoparticles (silica particles described here), nanoencapsulated phase-change materials and self-healing nanocapsules) which are subsequently dispersed into epoxy matrix in order to confer ice and erosion resistance to the final composite material.

Characterization of silica-filled epoxy composite (water contact angle, roughness, hardness, SEM…) were first performed at lab scale on composite and aluminum substrates. Silica nanoparticles have been found to be well-dispersed into the epoxy matrix and hydrophobicity is significantly improved if compared to reference uncoated surfaces. Then silica nanoparticles potential has been tested on representative parts and under experimental conditions which are supposed to mimic aeronautical environment.